Who I Am

His Work My Hands was founded in 2016 on the premise that I was giving art my fullest attention. I had previously spent time trying to figure out what I wanted to do in art and I decided, after being asked to build night stands for a friend, that wood working was my calling. My name is Vincent, I am 23 years old and the fourth of five sons. I grew up in Detroit with a passion for art and always had a creative buzz in my mind. I went through college, graduated with my degree in Exercise Science from Life University and have since dedicated my time and energy to creating and developing items from all natural substances. I work mostly with raw wood and have become determined to show the natural beauties of it. No paint. No Stain. Just oil, natural coloring and the occasional fire. His Work My Hands is what I have created to fulfill my passion, share art and beauty, and glorify God.

Lots of cutting;
Lots of glueing.

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Currently we are located just outside Atlanta in Marietta, Ga. But we can work with you no matter where you are!


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